Deputy Director's Message

The literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh is 83.78% which is much higher than the National Literacy rate of 74.04% as per the censor's record of 2011. Thus we are comfortable on the quantitative aspect of Education where as the quantitative aspects needs strengthening it to the satisfactory level. For achieving this gigantic goal we have to modernize the existing stereotyped system of management, performance and monitoring. The educational blocks school administration needs the modern tools and techniques to make the system speedy prompt reliable and correct. As one of the measures, The Deputy Director of Elementary Education Una is going to launch a responsive website with highly advanced technology to abridge the gap of time in communication with the education block and schools. It has been observed that at certain occasions the postal delay of important circulars inversely effect the monitoring system and thus results in poor performance in the bound matters. I am sanguine that this website which is hard endeavor of M/s Eknows Behdala will certainly facilitate the 263 schools of the district covered under this Elementary Deputy Director Office, to get connected with it for speedy operations. Gearing up the information system will certainly improve the performance of blocks offices and schools

The Deputy Director(Secondary), Una

Deputy Director Elementary Education Una
District Una, Himachal Pradesh-174303.
Email Id: ddee-una.hp@nic.in
Telephone No: 01975-223586